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Randall County Republicans

420 Lisa Brown

I’m currently the precinct chair for Precinct 420. Before the precinct lines were redrawn, I was the chair for Precinct 418. However, my political involvement began at the age of 9 when Barry Goldwater ran for president on the Republican ticket. I gave any classmate who wanted one (And probably some who didn’t!)a Goldwater bumper sticker and took a class poll on the day of the Goldwater/Johnson election. Since Goldwater won handily in my poll, imagine my shock when Johnson became president! I continued being politically active as I graduated from Amarillo High (the Polk St. version) and West Texas State University. I proudly taught school for 31 years before retiring.

My beliefs are traditionally conservative. The Bible is the ultimate guide for my personal life and the Constitution is the ultimate guide for my life as an American. (Those two frequently intersect!) I’m pro-life and pro-2nd amendment. I believe parents are the ultimate judges of what’s right for their children and believe the least government is the best. Please join me in making Randall County and Precinct 420 a stronghold for conservatism.