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Randall County Republicans

111 Alex Deanda

Precinct #111

Amarillo native for over 45 years I have served on the resolution committee for 2018 and was a delegate to the state convention. I worked several campaigns over the years some being Ted Cruz, Ronny Jackson, Donald Trump, Judge Dee Johnson, commissioner Blair Schaffer and others. I was blessed to have the opportunity to be the plaintiff on the case that was ruled on in December 2022 Alexander Deanda vs Xavier Becerra our health and human services director under the Biden administration. No longer can minors receive birth control particular such as IUD’s without parental consent Exercising my freedom of religion as afforded in our constitution. I am a constitutional republican And have been married for over 19 years and have four amazing children. I am also cofounder of Conservatives ofTexas est 2019. I am a Christian and I love our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, my life scripture is Philippians 1:20-30

Changing the world is a task, not allowing the world to change us can be achieved daily.

Alex can be contacted here