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Randall County Republicans

Tonya C. Winston

What’s On WINston For Mayor 2023 Amarillo,TX Mind REMEMBER THE

Vote For Me, Tonya WINston for Amarillo City Mayor. Please Remember To Go and Vote. If Your Not Registered Let Us Help You Get Registered. Panhandle Democrats Banquet Friday 02/10/2023.

Gospel Jubilee To Excellence, celebrating Black History Month, everyday is celebrated because of life. Step up and support your community on Saturday February 25 2023 @ 5:30pm til 8:30pm. The entire city matters let’s celebrate
history, listen to beautiful music with beautiful people. Get your ticket and save the date.

Don Collins

Independent information about Mr. Collins was very sparse. At the candidate forum conducted by the League of Women Voters, Mr. Collins spoke frequently about his desire to improve the city for Senior Citizens. The best
online source seems to be the League’s questionnaire.

Freda Powell

I’ve been serving our community my entire adult life. In my three terms as a Councilmember of the Amarillo City Council, the City of Amarillo has seen so much success. From the City's broadband initiative to provide high-speed, high-security Internet throughout our community to the amazing work of the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation, you can see our city's spectacular wins everywhere you look.

Our children and grandchildren deserve to inherit a vibrant and thriving city where they have opportunities to make a good living and enjoy life here. We are on track to provide them with that city. I am eager to continue to serve our community and am running for mayor. Join me and let’s build on Amarillo’s success together.

Jeffrey McGunegle

Who are “My Voters?” The Ones who THINK FOR THEMSELVES and DO FOR THEMSELVES! Those who Inspire to become what is called “The B&ME
Being.” I Am a B&ME Being….I think for Myself, I do for Myself and I have the
Courage to Be Me (B&ME). You know who you are, I look to Inspire those who
know but need “someone” to show up as a B&ME before they can (all of Us).

Cole Stanley


Amarillo’s my home, it always has been. And the last two years as your
councilman has reinforced my belief that our city is capable of moving in the
right direction. And with your vote, we can do that together. A new wave of decision-makers are about to be elected to lead this city. And I continue to think that a fair playing field for all citizens is achievable. This happens when you apply common sense solutions, and when you do that, a culture of community will flourish. As we move forward with this campaign I want to stress three key points that I believe are absolutely necessary for this next phase in our city.


Sam Burnett

I want to introduce myself: I am a transgender man who has lived in the Amarillo community for 18 years. I would like to see our community be more accepting and loving to ALL members of our community. Please feel free to ask me questions or leave comments or concerns about how we can make our city better.